Massages at the Khao Sok Paradise Resort

Massages at the Khao Sok Paradise Resort

Indulge yourself with one of or Thai traditional, tiger balm or oil massage in the privacy of your room or in one of our private bamboo salas. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Khao Sok national park, let yourself drift into a state of nirvana.

Indulge yourself with the benefits of a traditional Thai massage

Thai massage, in Thai Language “Nuad phaen boran” is a system of massage and assisted stretching methods developed in Thailand, and influenced by the traditional medicine systems of China, Southeast Asia, and India. It was developed by Jivika Kumar Bhaccha, physician to Buddha, in India more than 2500 years after what the Ayurvedic techniques slowly became influenced by Chinese medicine.
The principle of a Thai massage lies on the concept that human energy flows through invisible lines (The sen lines) coursing through the body. Ten of these lines are very important in the Thai massage art, and or known in Thai language as “Sib Sen”.

Prices :
Traditional Thai massage : 400 THB per person / per hour
Oil Massage 500 THB per person per / per hour
Tiger balm massage 500 THB per person / per hour

Our massages benefits

If proper pressure is applied on these energy lines in order to allow energy flow, it is believed that light diseases could be cured and pain eradicated.

A traditional Thai massage or “Nuad phaen boran” in Thai language, has the following benefits:

Improves circulation
Centers the mind and body
increases flexibility
Reduces stress
Improves range of motion
Increases energy
Increases energy