Thai Cooking Classes

If you by nature enjoy Thai food and are interested in learning the art of Thai cuisine from highly-experienced teachers who are expert in teaching on Thai-style cooking, The Khao Sok Paradise Resort is now offering a comprehensive Thai cooking course, which starts right from the introduction to Thai ingredients, with a wide selection of Thai main popular dishes.

Learn the Art of Thai Cuisine

Master the art of Authentic Thai Cuisine with our Thai chef.

Our Thai cooking classes will start right with the introduction of Thai ingredients.

You can choose how to cook four of the bellow Thai dishes and enjoy them afterwards for lunch.

Price per Pax: 1,000 THB

Dishes you will learn to cook :

Green Curry
Tom Yum (Thailand most famous spicy soup)
Garlic pepper stir fried
Mussaman Curry (Southern curry)
Tom Kha (Coconut based soup)
Stir fried chicken and cashew nuts
Gai Hor Bai Toey (chicken wrapped in panda leaves)
Geang Panang (other kind of Southern curry)

Thai Cooking Classes

Thai Cooking Classes